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FICKR!!! [Monday
November 9th, 2009
Added photos from our Reno/California camping trip in August to my flickr. go check em out :) :)

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April 7th, 2009
today i picked up 3 rolls of 120 film that i dropped off at ritz camera.
14 business days is how long it took to get this developed, btw.
i paid 131$.

i've since learned that sahara camera didn't close, they just moved.
so, uh, fuck you ritz camera.

i can't believe how expensive that was!!! ughghgh. it was more expensive then developing all of mine & bob's rolls of film from portland. which was 17 rolls of 35 film & like 4 rolls of 120 film. UH! what.
how does that happen.

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April 4th, 2009
yuma was hella fun. fun drive, fun people.

yesterday was fucking lame. threw up at work 3 times, was able to leave at 2. walked to my car, threw up before i started driving, threw up while driving, threw up when i got home. i threw up like every 20 minutes for like 8 hours straight. it was amazing. bobby is amazing and he got me a slurpee and crackers and took care of me. love love. throwing up slurpee is always amazing.

today i called into work :( but i'm feeling a lot better. still very weak but i haven't thrown up at all.
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March 30th, 2009
i hate days off alone.

my grandparents & cousin are in town. it's very nice! i'm sitting at my apartment, though. i'll probably go over to my house around 2. then, tuesday night we are all leaving for yuma. exciting. i'm excited to get out of vegas for a bit. i haven't had any extra days off from work since OCTOBER. christ. it kind of really sucks that i won't be getting paid for 2 days. but oh well.

can't forget to drop off rent before we leave. that would suck. haha.

we might have a roommate soon. more likely then not. one of my old coworkers is coming back to vegas & joining us back at the ticket office ( we're hiring 4 people because we had 3 quit in one week! ). she is going to need a place to stay for a bit. not sure how long, but it will be fun!

our lease is up in august and no matter what bobby & i are just going to move back in with our families. my mom said she got a job offer to be a nurse in yuma. she is still deciding whether or not she will take it. if she does, bobby & i will be living in my house. if she doesn't, bobby & i are going to buy a house. i kind of want the latter because 8000$ next year if we buy a house this year. plus! a cute house that i will love. my house is so familiar and bleh. it's huge but needs a lot of work. plus roaches - ew.

i really, really want a house. i look at realtor.com every day. haha. i'm excited to get out of this apartment & stop paying so much for rent. ugh. just not excited to move everything out again.
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March 16th, 2009

what i did today:
listening to music/browsed the internet
ate cereal
cleaned a bit
took a shower
drank water ( all out of soda and i have a major headache. haha )

boring boring. bobby said he should be able to get out around 4.
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